Rebirth Roadmap


2007 - 2018

  • Development of Rebirth commercial software




Q2 / 2024

  • REPA Token Smart Contract Audit by Certik.
  • Listing on rating portals.
  • A promotional video will be published.
  • Augmentation of the marketing and support teams.
  • Initiation of community-building campaigns
  • Formation of strategic alliances.
  • Activation of the partnership and referral program.
  • The first REPA airdrop campaign.
  • The Private Sale II round will be complated.
  • Pre-registration for the Rebirth Business App will be initiated.
  • Second REPA airdrop campaign.
  • The private III sales round will be completed.
  • The token generation event (TGE) will be finalized.
  • REPA tokens will be listed on exchanges.

Q3 / 2024

  • Launch of the Dubai/United Arab Emirates office.
  • Submission of Legal License Applications
  • The beta version of Rebirth Finance will be released.
  • Deposit accounts will be introduced.
  • Release of a stable version of the Rebirth Wallet application.
  • Release of the stable version of the Rebirth Loyalty App.
  • The beta version of the Rebirth AI-Powered Commerce App will be released.
  • Initiation of marketing activities in Turkey and the UEA

Q4 / 2024

  • Enterprise API launch.
  • Release of a stable version of Rebirth Enterprise for enterprise use.
  • Advanced AI-based user interface innovations and personalized financial recommendations.
  • Further enhancements in the server infrastructure.

Q1 / 2025

  • Finalizing the development of 'Asset Tokenization' for merging traditional financial assets with the digital asset space.
  • The stable version of the Rebirth Investment Application will be released.
  • Release of a stable version of the Rebirth Payment Application.
  • The stable version of the Rebirth Loans application will be released.
  • Beginning the process to acquire an FDIC-insured banking institution

Q2 / 2025

  • Commencement of operations at the Baku/Azerbaijan office.
  • Enhancement of server infrastructure (Australia, Canada, Singapore, United Kingdom).
  • Rebirth credit card distribution will be initiated.
  • Expansion of premium features.
  • Tokenized assets support.

Q3 / 2025

  • Maximum loan limits will be increased.
  • Transition of Rebirth Finans to a stable version.
  • Formation of business partnerships for yield farming and lending with DeFi platforms.
  • Refinements for operational excellence in medium-term expansion.

Q4 / 2025

  • Branding and PR initiatives will be amplified to reach the targeted 35 million users.
  • Commencement of educational initiatives for heightened awareness.
  • Advocacy for cryptocurrency regulation in collaboration with industry associations.


  • Commencement of operations at the Singapore office.
  • Establishment of the Bangkok/Thailand office.
  • Rollout of the global expansion strategy.
  • There will be a further increase in the maximum loan limits.


  • Establishment of a Kuala Lumpur/Malaysia office.
  • Launch of the FDIC-Insured Instant Loan Program