Rebirth Roadmap


2007 - 2018

  • Development of Rebirth commercial software

Q1 / 2021

  • Creating Blockchain architecture of Rebirth software
  • Evaluation of key markets in fintech
  • In the Rebirth ML core, the creation of the stock market data pool and the preparation of learning algorithms

Q2 / 2021

  • Development of Rebirth AI Trading software
  • Development of the borrowing platform
  • Development of the interest income platform
  • UI / UX analysis

Q3 / 2021

  • Transfer of historical crypto exchange data
  • Initiation of testing processes of Rebirth AI Trading software
  • Cryptocurrencies integration (BTC, ETH, BNB, ADA, AVAX, AXS, BCH, DOGE, DOT, EOS, FTM, LINK, LTC, LUNA, MATIC, SOL, TRX, XLM, XRP)

Q4 / 2021

  • KYC/AML Automation
  • Expanding Rebirth Credit infrastructure
  • Preparation of Rest Api integration documents
  • Optimization of basic function and stress tests

Q1 / 2022

  • Full integration of cryptocurrency in Rebirth payment systems
  • Development of Copy Trading software
  • Additional altcoins / Tokenized asset support
  • REPA Token and Smart Contract Development (Testnet Github)
  • Release of whitepaper v1.0

Q2 / 2022

  • EUR currency support
  • Expanding the marketing strategy
  • Expansion of server infrastructure (France, Germany, Poland, United States)
  • Update of whitepaper v1.1

Q3 / 2022

  • Creation of website and documents
  • Creating community accounts
  • Expanding the marketing team
  • Completion of the loyalty program
  • Update of whitepaper v1.2
  • Preparing the CEX Presale Launchpad

Q4 / 2022

  • Launch of partnership and referral program
  • Launch of Private sale event (Buy $REPA Token) on
  • Creation of language supports (Turkish)
  • Update of whitepaper v1.3

Q1 / 2023

  • Repa Token Smart Contract Control
  • Community building on existing social media channels
  • Platform broadcast for the creation of user accounts
  • Update of whitepaper v1.4

Q2 / 2023

  • Opening of Rebirth Finance Turkey/Istanbul office
  • Expanding the support team
  • Listing on ICO platforms
  • Listing on rating portals
  • Launching marketing campaigns
  • First REPA Airdrop campaign
  • Listing on Airdrop websites
  • Completion of the token sale
  • General Selling on
  • Completion of undergraduate applications
  • Expanding public relations activities/publications
  • Live chat/customer service link
  • Expanding the development team

Q3 / 2023

  • Rebirth Finance beta release release
  • Launching the Rebirth AI business
  • Introduction of deposit account
  • Beginning the process to acquire an FDIC-insured banking institution
  • AMA Youtube and Zoom Events

Q4 / 2023

  • Launching the Rebirth Wallet
  • Launching the Rebirth Copy trade
  • Expansion of premium functions
  • Creation of language supports (Azerbaijan, German, Chinese, Italian)
  • TRY and AZN currency support
  • Enterprise API
  • Launching the Money Transfers and Payments
  • Launching the Analytics and Utilities modules
  • Expanding strategic partnerships
  • AMA Youtube and Zoom Events

Q1 / 2024

  • Launch of the Rebirth Enterprise platform
  • Rebirth Finans transition to stable version
  • Opening of Rebirth Finance Azerbaijan/Baku office
  • Initiation of marketing activities in Turkey and Azerbaijan
  • Launch of Rebirth NFT trading
  • FDIC Insured, instant loan program launch

Q2 / 2024

  • Rebirth credit card initialization
  • Launch of the Rebirth Risk Free Trading program
  • Instant increase in credit limits
  • CAD, SEK and CHF currency support
  • AUD and AED currency support
  • Whitepaper update v2

2024 - 2027

  • Opening of Rebirth Finance Canada/Ontario office
  • Opening of Rebirth Finance Schweiz/Zürich and Italy/Milan office
  • Opening of Rebirth Finance Australia/Melbourne office
  • Opening of Rebirth Finance United Arab Emirates/Dubai office
  • Expansion of server infrastructure (Australia, Canada, Singapore, United Kingdom)