Business & Solution Partners

All business and solution partners of Rebirth consist of leading authorities in their fields to provide the best service.


Binance and Binance Futures users can use Rebirth Copy Trading app and Artificial Intelligence Trading Bot with API key. The use of Spot and Futures transactions is active.


KuCoin users can use Rebirth Copy Trading app and Artificial Intelligence Trading Bot with API key. Only the use of spot transactions is integrated.


Rebirth provides its credit card custody service through MasterPass. Thus, the stored credit cards can be used both on Rebirth and on thousands of platforms that have integrated with MasterPass.


Ledger Enterprise is a global technology provider empowering organizations to participate in the digital asset ecosystem securely and at scale. Rebirth receives its 24/7 custodial service from Ledger, which has corporate standards.


BitGo is the first documented custodian established specifically for digital assets. Private keys entrusted to BitGo are held in military-grade Class III vaults and carry $250M in insurance protections.


As a powerful solution partner, TradingView provides advanced stock charting tools technology to Rebirth. This collaboration enhances the analytical capabilities of our users, enabling them to make more informed trading decisions.


Cloudflare is a respected security partner, protecting against critical vulnerabilities and threats, protecting network infrastructure against level 3 and level 4 DDoS attacks, and keeping our team’s devices, networks, and on-premises applications secure.


Digicert is one of the most respected companies in the industry and provides SSL Certificate for Rebirth infrastructure. Rebirth is 256-bit SSL secured. In this way, it uses one of the most robust encryption methods used in modern encryption algorithms, protocols and technologies.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services provides Rebirth’s reliable cloud computing infrastructure service, while being the choice of the most security-conscious organizations. ISO 27001 and SOC 2 are just a few examples in the list of assurance programs Amazon Web Services complies with.


Jumio’s eKYC platform uses Informed AI that incorporates large data sets to deliver end-to-end identity verification. The Jumio KYX platform applies biometric-based authentication and AML screening and supports more than 3,500 ID documents across 200 jurisdictions.

CCSS Level 3

The CCSS is an open security standard for cryptocurrency storage and usage within an organization. The standard has three levels of security. The highest one “Level 3” requires multiple actors for all-critical actions, employs advanced authentication mechanisms, and distributes assets geographically and organisationally.