Frequently Asked Questions

Company and Project

Who is KontrolSoft?
KontrolSoft is a web software company that started its activities in 2005 by creating its corporate identity. In 2007, it started to develop the artificial intelligence-based Rebirth commercial software. KontrolSoft has shed light on a new era by using its 14 years of experience in the finance and payment systems sector in Rebirth Fintech software.
What’s Rebirth?
Rebirth is a comprehensive commercial software platform powered by artificial intelligence, designed to meet various business needs. It integrates every stage of commerce, from production to sales, within a single platform, featuring 15 main software modules and over 4,700 functional business operations. Rebirth aims to enhance the efficiency and decision-making processes of businesses by offering advanced analytics tools and automation features.
What’s Rebirth Fintech?
Rebirth Fintech is a financial technology application developed based on the extensive commercial software solutions of Rebirth, tailored for individuals and organizations. This platform offers an all-in-one financial service experience, facilitating various financial transactions such as social trading, investment management, lending services, asset management, and payment systems. Utilizing modern financial technologies and artificial intelligence algorithms, Rebirth Fintech provides users with personalized financial advice and efficient transaction experiences. It also features robust community and social interaction capabilities, allowing users to share financial insights, discuss strategies, and follow successful investors, thereby aiding in the enhancement of their financial knowledge and skills. The goal of Rebirth Fintech is to democratize access to financial services and ease the path for users to achieve their financial goals.
Is the team experienced in the financial technologies?
Our entire team, especially Mustafa Baş, the visionary and founder of the project, boasts proven experience ranging from 5 to 15 years in the fintech/banking and commercial software fields. They have been instrumental in creating and participating in some of the world’s largest and most high-quality projects.
What makes the project extraordinary?
With Rebirth Fintech, individuals and businesses can access all financial solutions on a single platform, manage their assets, earn passive income, and make automated trades using artificial intelligence.

What makes Rebirth Fintech unique is its ability to bring businesses and customers together under one social umbrella, offering significant opportunities for both. This platform not only simplifies access to financial services but also fosters new collaborations and networking opportunities through social trading and community building.
What is its target?
Rebirth’s primary goal is to ensure mutual benefit, where one person’s win does not mean another’s loss, and to provide solutions for all user needs on a single platform. Although most of its functions are applicable in all countries, it will initially operate in the United States, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, Azerbaijan, Canada, Cyprus, Australia, Italy, and Switzerland, followed by physical expansion and licensing in all countries accessible to financial technology. In summary, it aims to create a large, loyal, and happy community. A larger community represents greater power. Rebirth aims to offer unique opportunities to everyone with the broad community it will create.


What is the symbol and type of token?
The symbol of the Rebirth Token is $REPA. Although it is a utility token, it also incorporates security features. The $REPA Token is BEP20 compliant and exists on the Binance Smart blockchain as a smart contract.
How can I buy $REPA token?
The $REPA Token is currently in the pre-sale stage. You can purchase it through our website. Follow the instructions by clicking the "Join too" button at the top right corner.
Where can I find the Smart Contract?
You can view the verified Smart Contract here
Does the Smart Contract have a security audit?
Yes, you can view the audit reports at this link.
What should I do with my claimed $REPA tokens?
Not Financial Advice:
You can either sell them directly or stake the tokens and multiply them.

To further reward $REPA Token holders;
  • Allows you to earn compounded interest of up to 12% per annum, paid daily.
  • Distributes 5% of Rebirth’s 3-month net income as dividends.
  • You join Rebirth’s loyalty program. Thus, you can use platform applications at a discount, and you can reach more advantageous loan and deposit interests.
  • 10.75% of the total supply is reserved for rewards and community building.
  • You will also benefit from the airdrop, which will be announced and distributed to token holders after the public sale.

You have to decide for yourself whether you want to invest in the project for the short or long term.
Will there be public listing on CEX?
Our business operations team is in talks with exchanges. We are currently continuing the processes to sign 4 listing contracts. Please follow us on social media in order not to miss the announcements.
What trading pairs is the $REPA token listed with?
The trading pairs are: REPA/BNB and REPA/USDT. Our team wants to make purchasing $REPA as easy as possible. Depending on demand, we may add more trading pairs to exchanges in the future.
What is made with the money from the funding rounds?
The $REPA token sale proceeds will be distributed on a percentage basis to the following sectors:

  • 4,95% - Offices, external consultants, reports and audits
  • 7,46% - Licenses
  • 7,71% - Tier 1 CEX Listing Fee
  • 8,60% - Loan Financing
  • 9,40% - Human Resources
  • 17,19% - Liquidation
  • 22% - Marketing
  • 22,69% - Buyback program

More detailed information on the Use of Funds can be found here :


What is a crypto currency?
A cryptocurrency is a digital asset, secured by cryptography, which you can buy, sell, or use as a payment method. Many cryptocurrencies use blockchain technology. Also, they are not governed by any central authority.
What is blockchain?
Blockchain is a secure, transparent, publicly accessible ledger that exists across a specific network. Its main purpose is to record crypto transactions to help secure transfer of ownership of assets.
What is the difference between coins and tokens?
A coin is any cryptocurrency that operates on its own blockchain. Coins are often used to trade currency. On the other hand, a token is any cryptocurrency that is built on top of an existing blockchain. Coins represent a proposed medium of exchange, while tokens represent an asset.

When you spend a token, it physically moves from one place to another (just like how ownership changes when you trade a non-fungible token (NFT). Meanwhile, coins don’t move around. Only your account balance changes when you spend a coin.
What is a crypto wallet?
A crypto wallet is a platform you can use to securely store and retrieve multiple cryptocurrencies. The good thing about most crypto wallets is that you can only access your assets through a private key
How do I install the MetaMask wallet?
How to Connect MetaMask to Binance Smart Chain (Send BNB to MetaMask)

This video shows the steps to set up Metamask wallet: Make sure to securely backup your passphrase (12/24 words) at a safe place.