Cross-Border Payments

Enable global money transfers

With the Rebirth app, you can instantly transfer your fiat, crypto and NFT assets, completely free of charge.

During the transfer, the recipient doesn’t have to have a Rebirth address. You can transfer to a person you choose from your guide within seconds, free of charge. When you just convert, u see a very affordable and competitive transaction fee.

Money Transfer and Cross-Border Payments
Rebirth Payment

As You Wish, Contactless Payment

Contactless payments can be made with QR or NFC technology to be used at Rebirth member businesses.

Who needs loyalty points when you can earn CashBack in real cash. It’s calculated instantly and credited to your Rebirth Account daily, helping you further earn daily interest and grow your money, even as you spend.

You can earn CashBack on all eligible payments with your Rebirth Card (using Rebirth Credit or your Rebirth Account), including those made using Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay.

You can use the payment options below:

  • Fiat and Cryptocurrency Assets
  • Debit Card and
    Credit Card
  • Buy Now,
    Pay Later
  • Gift Card