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Rebirth’s strongest base is its artificial intelligence. Thanks to its advanced machine learning algorithm, it learns the most detailed data in the fastest time. Artificial intelligence processes the data in the most rational way and makes decisions. These decisions make Rebirth superior in trading.

Most of the investors in the exchange are amateur investors, not those who follow them professionally and have adopted them as a business. There are many factors involved in being successful in trading. It’s often left to chance. Processing millions of data in the exchange or reacting instantly to the agenda in the exchange that is open 24 hours is beyond human capacity. Rebirth offers an advanced solution for all of these problems. With its unique machine learning algorithm, it processes data in the same second and responds in an average of 300 milliseconds.

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Supported Exchanges
Binance US321
Binance TR112
OKXAvailable in the Future
Gate.ioAvailable in the Future
HuobiAvailable in the Future

Let your investments be determined not by your emotions, but by artificial intelligence that processes millions of data in seconds!

7-Day Free Trial

Below is the performance of Rebirth in the up and down cycles of the market. But we want you to experience it and confirm it. In the Rebirth application, you’ll be able to test our performance in real-time transactions on the virtual exchange with virtual money for 7 days. After the trial period is completed, the virtual exchange will be active so that you can constantly check the strategies.

Unlimited Trading Pool

You can split your budget to try different strategies. This way, you can increase your success rate even more.

Identifying Investment Products

Rebirth reviews all investment products in detail. Rebirth determines the trading pairs to buy and sell in the trading pool you created. Determines the budget to be allocated to the trading pair. You can make all these choices manually or limit Rebirth. You can filter by market value, liquidation status, trading volume, performance and many values of the trading pairs to be traded.

Determining Investment Strategy

Rebirth AI can automatically determine the entire investment strategy. It instantly evaluates all the movements, background, graphic formations and many other data of the cryptocurrency it’s trading, and instantly updates its strategy. It processes the decisions it makes in 300 milliseconds. If you want to set it manually, you can create your own rules.

Compete or Congratulate

All users who create bots in Rebirth participate in the ranking according to their success rate. You can take your place in the leaderboards or congratulate a successful investor. You can copy the strategy of the successful investor. Depending on your subscription model, you can find the opportunity to join the chat room of our experienced investors.

Smart Stop Loss and Take Profit

Rebirth determines stop loss and take profit regions before investing. In positions where it’s successful, it updates these regions by targeting maximum profitability.

Performance Tests

Rebirth can choose the cryptocurrencies it will trade according to its performance score. It can use the pool’s budget in proportion to the performance of the trading pair. Since the first test was with our selections, we ran the next tests with the same cryptocurrencies to be comparable. You can determine your own strategy, examine the most successful strategies and copy them to yourself.

01.07.2021 - 27.12.2021 (179 Day)
  • Strategy: AI Compound Growth
  • Interval: 1 Day
  • Exchange: Binance Demo
  • Initial Budget: $500
  • Net Profit: $12,406.01
  • Growth: 2,481.20%
  • Number of Positions: 49
  • Closed By Profit: 49
  • Closed By Loss: 0
  • Highest Profit: 462.06%
  • Lowest Profit: 2.41%
  • Average Profit: 41.04%
01.01.2022 - 28.06.2022 (178 Day)
  • Strategy: AI Compound Growth
  • Interval: 1 Day
  • Exchange: Binance Demo
  • Initial Budget: $500
  • Net Profit: $1,573.73
  • Growth: 314.75%
  • Number of Positions: 50
  • Closed By Profit: 46
  • Closed By Loss: 4
  • Highest Profit: 56.76%
  • Lowest Profit: -5.96%
  • Average Profit: 15.13%