Rebirth Token (REPA)

Almost all functions of the Rebirth Finance ecosystem depend on the REPA token. A more active token usage model was created by creating a usage area within the entire ecosystem. The REPA token is the management and service token of Rebirth Finance. In addition, REPA tokens will create a great incentive for the Rebirth platform to explore its possibilities at discounted prices. Thus, it will attract loyal customers and supporters and keep the token in their hands. The user’s loyalty level is determined by the amount of REPA token held and the ratio of their total holdings to the REPA Token. Users with higher loyalty levels get great deals while using the entire platform at a more affordable price. It can also be used in airdrop campaigns. It also has the opportunity to participate in project management and share protocol revenues using the stake portal. To further reward REPA Token holders, it allows to earn up to 12% annual compounded interest paid daily. REPA Token holders will receive a 5% dividend from Rebirth’s profits in exchange for their initial support and continued support. Dividends are paid quarterly and are prorated to all REPA token holders immediately when the payment is sent to the dividend smart contract. Payment is made in BNB Token.

The Token Sale is a refreshing and efficient way to raise funds as it encourages community members to reinvest in the sustainable growth of beneficial projects. Proceeds from the sales process provide the basic financing that allows Rebirth to make instant loans, self-development and meet the demands of its community.

The REPA Token will be offered as collateral to qualified investors in accordance with US and other laws. Although it’s a utility token, it also has security features. REPA Token is BEP20 compliant and resides on the Binance Smart blockchain as a smart contract. It will be organized in accordance with US SEC rules and regulations pursuant to US Securities Act Regulation D Rule 506(c).

Token Metrics

ProjectRebirth Fintech
The World’s Smartest, Social Finance Management



Binance Smart Chain
5& of Net Profits
Total Supply
Initial Circulating Supply
ICO Hard Cap
Initial Marketcap
Total Diluted Market Cap
Seed Sales
$795.000 / 53.000.000
Private Sale I
$450.000 / 30.000.000
Private Sale II
$972.000 / 36.000.000
Private Sale III
$1.800.000 / 36.000.000
TGE / Pre Sales
Esiltinamed Listing
Q4 2024

Token Distribution

100% REPATotal Supply
Private I30.000.000
Private II36.000.000
Private III36.000.000
Advisors, Legal & PR52.500.000
Community Building
& Airdrop Campaigns
Exchanges & Liquidity80.000.000
Founders & Team140.000.000
Overdraft Funding Reserves250.000.000

$REPA Token Vesting Program

The table below represents the token distribution and lock-in periods. The sale of earned tokens after the ICO will never occur at a price lower than the nominal price in the ICO process.

PriceMax SupplyTGEHard CapCliffVesting
$0,01553.000.0009.000.000$795.0002 monthFor 22 months, an equal amount will be vested.
Private I
$0,01530.000.00010.200.000$450.0002 monthFor 22 months, an equal amount will be vested.
Private II
$0,02736.000.00010.800.000$972.0002 monthFor 19 months, an equal amount will be vested.
Private III
$0,05036.000.000$1.800.0002 monthFor 16 months, an equal amount will be vested.
47.500.0001 monthFor 59 months, an equal amount will be vested.
Advisors, Legal & PR
52.500.0003 monthFor 57 months, an equal amount will be vested.
Community Building & Airdrop Campaigns
60.000.0001 monthFor 47 months, an equal amount will be vested.
Exchanges & Market Making
80.000.000Once listed, it will be fully unlocked.
Founder & Team
140.000.0006 monthFor 54 months, an equal amount will be vested.
Overdraft Funding Reserves
250.000.0006 monthFor 12 months, an equal amount will be vested.
215.000.0006 monthIt will be fully unlocked 6 months after it’s listed.

Use of Funds

The Rebirth ecosystem needs to expand internationally and strengthen its community in order to transfer its maximum possibilities to its users. With the issuance of REPA tokens, Rebirth will also enable the community to enjoy their crypto wealth without selling it. Therefore, 8.6% of the funds contributed to the REPA Token sale will then be allocated with 25% of our revenues to finance Rebirth instant loans, which are in great demand worldwide.

A significant part of the project is asset custody, collection, clearing, trading, etc. It consists of the globalization and scaling of the technological platform that includes Each new country where Rebirth operates will need to have its own licenses. 7.46% of the investment funds made to the operational and regulatory infrastructure will constitute. The countries we want to get licenses are USA, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Canada, Switzerland, Italy, Australia and United Arab Emirates, respectively.

It will require significant investment in advertising, marketing and branding in all markets Rebirth plans to enter. It will use 22% of the funds for these transactions. By the end of 2025, Rebirth estimates it has acquired over 35 million users. It will then continue to use 20% of its revenues in the branding process.

Given the speedy implementation of our products and the goal of providing the best user experience to Rebirth customers, it will have commercial agreements with the main companies in the DeFi ecosystem. In addition, the REPA token will be listed on leading exchanges in order to spread and grow the trading volume. It will use 7.71% of the funds for this.

At Rebirth Finance, we believe in having a large reserve to stay strong. Our funds are stored in REPA, BTC, ETH, BNB, BUSD, USDT cryptocurrencies in our cold wallets and USD bank accounts. While making the most efficient use of capital, any fund movement requires the approval of at least 2 of Rebirth Finance’s 2 managers and advisors.

The steady growth of REPA token is possible with good liquidity. 17.19% of the funds obtained will be kept in our liquidation pool. We’ll then continue to support liquidation with 15% of our revenues.

With the Rebirth Finance project, it’s our primary goal to include the whole world in the ecosystem and ensure maximum benefit for everyone. Necessary funding is provided through seed and Private Sales processes. The people involved in the processes here are people who believe in the future of the Rebirth Finance project. We’ve created our emission values as a result of intensive studies in order to maintain price stability in the future and to follow a strong price policy with strong liquidity. Instead of issuing additional tokens during the TGE / Pre-sale process, we’ll ensure that 22.69% of our funds are recovered from the investors who invested in the second stage of the Private sale and before. Of course, investors may not want to sell some of them back at this early stage. The remaining part of 30,000,000 shares will be completed from our reserves.

A growth process involves hiring a world-class team with diverse profiles. Human resources requirements will account for 9.39% of the total funding. The remaining 4.95% will be used for daily administrative and operational tasks, including offices, external consultants, reports and audits.