Rebirth QR Code Payment System

Collection and Payment solutions are at Rebirth!

With Rebirth, it’s possible to pay and collect from anywhere, in any way!

Whether you’re a small business owner or a manager at a corporation, Rebirth makes it easy to accept payments and connect with customers. That way, you can focus on what you do best – running your business.

You can accept payments on the Rebirth App, in your own app and website, or even through your WhatsApp and social media accounts.

You might offer customers the choice to pay with:

  • Fiat and Cryptocurrency Assets
  • Debit Card and
    Credit Card
  • Buy Now,
    Pay Later
  • Gift Card

Boost your brand awareness

Rebirth keeps you engaged with its users when you create impressive offers and rewards. You can directly reach users who have paid you before. You can even be listed on the home screen with the review of the Rebirth editors. It’s completely free.

Communicate with customers directly

Use the enriched built-in notification templates to send deals, receipts, upcoming tickets and more to your customers.

Take the effort out of checkout

Your collection tool in Rebirth is your mobile phone or tablet. You can collect your receivables with just a few taps or by reading the QR code. In the future, we’ll introduce a smartpad that can print receipts.

Secure Infrastructure

Rebirth has PCI DSS and ISO 27001 security standards, KYC / AML and AI Supported fraud prevention infrastructure. Rebirth is 3D Secure compatible.

Instant Swap

If you only want to accept some currencies. Don’t limit your customers freedom. Let your customers pay as they wish. Let Rebirth instantly swap customer preference for the currency you accept.

Payment Form

If you want to accept payments from your social media accounts or messaging applications, Rebirth has a payment form that you can use instantly.

APIs for any platform

You can use your own interface for collection. You can transfer the collection information to your own accounting software. You can use Rebirth’s simplified REST API library. Simplify the checkout process and connect with customers wherever they are.