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The Rebirth Fintech platform offers very attractive opportunities for businesses. With Rebirth, businesses will have collection solutions, sales marketing and loyalty programs and many infrastructures. Thus, businesses can grow their business, accelerate their business and remain competitive. The fastest and smoothest transition of businesses to the Fintech world will be achieved with Rebirth.

Store Creation and Marketing

Users in Rebirth have individual and business profiles. Differently, businesses have the opportunity to display their products on their profiles, publish advertisement banners, receive evaluations, create loyalty programs and receive payments.

Product Listing

Businesses can showcase their products on their store pages on Rebirth. It increases the possibility of being discovered by location-based or research-based users. It can also be used as a QR menu link, especially in cafes and restaurants. In other businesses, they can list their products to get quick payment.

Rebirth for Omnichannel Communication

Advertising Spaces

Businesses can share their ads in image or video format with their users for free on their store pages. In this way, they can interact with their campaigns, opportunities or announcements faster.

Loyalty Programs

One of the highest costs for a business is to acquire new customers. However, it’s more enjoyable to interact with the acquired customer again. The primary key to retaining an acquired customer is loyalty programs. Rebirth has all the necessary infrastructure to follow your store, evaluate your store, direct references to your store, reward the user in re-shopping actions or on birthdays and special days. Again, campaigns such as money back and conditional promotional codes to support shopping can also be organized. The gamification infrastructure supports the transformation of finance, one of the most basic mottos of Rebirth, into fun. With games such as scratch and win, spin the wheel, businesses will be able to provide various promotions to their customers.

Omnichannel Communication

Rebirth offers the necessary marketing tools so that its users and member businesses can always have a strong connection. It can send a message to the following users by creating an e-mail, SMS or instant notification within their permission to promote a new product, offer a special opportunity or invite them to visit the business.


In addition to financial management, Rebirth also stands out with its feature of being a social platform. Rebirth users can find Rebirth member businesses on the map by location or category. They may want to review previous users opinions before visiting the business. Rebirth users can only rate businesses they’ve paid for. The restriction here also avoids the problem of unverified evaluation on the Internet.

API for Reviews

Reviews from Rebirth users are of high importance. Because all reviews can be made by real users who have paid the business. Businesses that want to share these reviews with other customers can easily integrate the reviews API and list them with its own interface.